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THINK. Magazine – Go on my nerves


But why? Why does it say ‘go on my nerves’? Yes I know.. Normally it is associated with something negative. But in this case I promise it’s positive. We need to touch, touch, touch! Our skin is the largest organ we have in which there are so many nerve endings and fibers. We need to stimulate our nerves! With gentle touch or a gentle stroke, or a hug.. we can stimulate these C-Tactile Fibers and happy hormones will be released. We feel good! That’s why ‘ GO ON MY NERVES’.

This Issue is about the necessity of gentle touch and why it is so important for our health and psyche. Neuroscience Researcher Dr. Rochelle Ackerley gives us an insight in her work and explains why gentle touch is important for us. Especially in times of a pandemic we are in conflict with touching and keeping distance from our loved ones.

Nicola Kosovic a photographer from New Zealand shows us her incredible work and tells us what she sees in her photos.

And also other interviews for example with the Singer/Songwriter Kami Leonne from California and the Designer Anastasia Electra Eulenstein are within this Issue.


THINK. GO ON MY NERVES got awarded by Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2021/22 (German Photo book award) with silver and will be exhibited national and international.



How touch affects our health